Response to Covid-19 Outbreak

Important information regarding our services during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Following the Prime Minsters broadcast on Monday 23 March 2020, we are providing this statement to all key stakeholders connected with our business as a pro-active employer, business partner and critical services provider. This statement has also been communicated by letter to all employees and customers and will be subject to continued review by our Internal Response Committee (IRC).

We have in place an internal response committee to assess and mitigate risks from the Covid-19 outbreak, and to coordinate and respond to disruption, as well as implementing contingency measures to keep our customers operations up-and-running. This committee comprises Rory Chichester (CEO), Oliver Hutley (COO), Andrew MacDonald (Operations Director) and Moira Hankinson (Operations Manager). At present we are convening a virtual meeting on a daily basis to review the precautions and measures we have in place.

Although more stringent measures have been put into place in respect of social distancing and home working, The Health and Safety at Work Act still applies to our customers premises and as such we will still be providing our key services. This will enable our customers to demonstrate control of risk to a reasonably practicable level.

We are, of course, constantly reviewing our processes and procedures - our office-based staff are now working from home for the foreseeable future, and enclosed is an extract of the additional measures we have put in place with our mobile engineering staff who remain operational. We will of course abide by any site or premises specific protocols and procedures in addition to our own.

Whilst the circumstances around the Covid-19 outbreak are constantly evolving, our commitment to safety and compliance remains unchanged. We will constantly adapt, ensuring the safety of our colleagues and to enable us to continue supporting our customers at this very challenging time.

Communication remains of vital importance and if you need any further information, or to discuss how TECS is responding to Covid-19, please do not hesitate to contact your key account manager in the first instance.

T: 0161764 6958

Guidance for Mobile Engineering staff

Ask the following question before entering a property or site:

Establish the general well-being of the occupier(s) and number of infections / self-isolations at the property and whether any occupiers may have come in to contact with an infected person

Do not enter if there has been a suspected or confirmed case of Coronavirus Covid-19. Report back to the office.

If there are no suspected or confirmed cases, then on entering the property: • Ask the occupier to leave the point of entry door to the property ajar • Ask the occupier to remain in a separate room with the door closed throughout the visit • Ask the occupier to leave internal doors leading to the location of the area you need to enter open • Ask the occupier to leave windows open in the property if possible • Ensure the occupier remains in a separate room with the door closed throughout the visit • Communicate with the occupier, if necessary, from 3 metres away • Thoroughly wash and/or sanitise hands before entering the property • Only touch essential surfaces • Consider wearing overalls and or gloves if you have them • Wear face mask if you have them • Do not touch face

On leaving the property: • Inform occupier you are leaving property through closed door • Thoroughly wash and/or sanitise hands after leaving the property • Wash/ sanitise tools or equipment, where possible, thoroughly